...and since I feel adventurous I am taking a fellow member up on a dare and making a submission to Oppo by posting some of the scratch-work. The vehicle has since changed and I have yet to move beyond the profile stage, but I thought I'd share some of the thought process because why not?

So, I have never really drawn automobiles before and it took quite a few sketches to get some semblance of proportionality happening. Once I got that more or less settled, I drew up this shape, which ended up becoming the sort of template I would follow:

Low, long, sleek, and with definition. As this project is ultimately going to be my interpretation of a twin turbine-powered C8 generation Corvette and since the C7 is supposed to be a tribute to the C3, I thought I'd incorporate more of the C4 in this take. Obviously, there are some issues here: the front overhang and wheelbase are too long, and the pilot is too reclined. No bueno! We must try again!

This one is a slight improvement on the above, but the wheelbase is still too long despite the increase in wheel diameter. Front overhang is likewise again overly generous.

Experimental modification of the above to try a more snubed nose and higher window sills. I can't say I'm a huge fan of the result.

Shortened the wheel-base. Unfortunately, there are so many eraser marks now that it gets hard to judge the lines. That said, this is the final stop for this version since I canned it due to becoming too mid-engined. Mid-rear engines are not for sports cars. Ha!

So yeah. Bad drawings. Comment and critique away!

P.S. If some kind soul could give me permissions and get this posted to Opposite Lock, I would be much obliged. Thank you in advance!