Typically, I think GM has tended to have a stronger styling department than Ford. Unfortunately, they seem to have fired all of the talent they used to have working on the normal people cars, because Ford is killing it while GM is just blah. » 3/30/15 12:44am Today 12:44am

A Saturn Ion Redline owner wanted to buy the wheels off of my LT4, and I was all like "You obtain a set of black A-molds to replace them, and then we can trade." » 3/29/15 7:38pm Yesterday 7:38pm

I would ditch the Mustang, it's really not that good inside. Just like the fuel economy of the EcoBoost performance engines, the quality of the new Mustang's interior is smoke and mirrors. I find the exterior to also be lacking, and its overall performance is just matching yesterday's Camaro. So, unless you are… » 3/28/15 6:18pm Saturday 6:18pm

It's worth noting that enemy spawns change via difficulty—where newer games often simply change enemy health and damage, Doom changes enemy spawns. Playing the level E1M1 on Ultra-Violence difficulty, for instance, adds former human sergeants who aren't present on Hurt Me Plenty. It's a neat take on difficulty that I…

» 3/28/15 12:15am Saturday 12:15am